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This product is made of medically approved products and it’s safe for men of all ages. It is composed of natural ingredients, which were used by humans for centuries.

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What Effect Should You Expect from Our Shakti Men Booster formula

Our signature Shakti Men Booster

The formula provides lightning-fast, long-lasting results. With our product, you can expect a penis enlargement of up to 2 inches.
  • By taking the product for 2 months, expect up to 0.78 inches of pure penis gain.
  • By taking the product for 4 months, expect up to 1.18 inches of pure penis gain.
  • Now, by taking the product for 6 months, expect a supreme 2 inches gain.
The formula provides instant penis enlargement of up-to 2 inches.
  • 2 months of treatment will yield a penis enlargement of 0.78 inches or more,
The formula provides instant penis enlargement of up-to 2 inches.
  • 2 months of treatment will yield a penis enlargement of 0.78 inches or more,

All you need to do is follow the instructions:

Take one pill every night

Take the pill with
water or milk

Take the pill after dinner

Penis growth was never so safe and easy!

The Science Behind Shakti Men Booster

There’s no magic. Our formula is based on scientific research. Our product contains ingredients that do the following:

  • The corpora cavernosa is the biggest part of the penis. This cavernous tissue is composed of blood vessels. When the man gets aroused, those vessels fill up with blood. Thus, the penis gets erected and changes its size.
  • Our Shakti Men Booster activates some chemical processes that expand those vessels. Once the vessels grow in size and number, your penis becomes larger when erected.
  • Tight blood vessels are a common issue. When tight, your vessels won’t expand, thus your penis will remain small even when erected. Our formula activates chemical processes that make vessels flexible.
  • When filled with blood, soft and flexible blood vessels expand a lot. This results in a longer and stronger penis.

Our Clients Are Satisfied with the Results

Here is the feedback from a survey we made. The survey included 500 customers from all around the world.

Does Shakti Men Booster works? How satisfied are you with the results?

Here we quote the words of some of our customers about Shakti Men Booster

If You Want More Testimonies from Our Satisfied Clients, Here They Are:

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Comparison between Shakti Men Booster vs. Other Products, Which One Wins?

  • Is it Safe?
  • Is it approved by Doctors?
  • Is it easy to use?
  • How effective is it?
  • Is COD available?
  • Where was it made?

Shakti Men Booster

  • Yes, it is 100% safe and natural
  • Yes, it was approved by 42 doctors
  • It is easy to use; just take 1 pill per day
  • It is effective, with scientific evidence backing it up
  • Yes, COD is available
  • Made in Germany

Oils, capsules, powders and other products:

  • Are not safe and might cause skin rashes and allergies
  • Are often approved by only one doctor
  • Complicated usage multiple times a day
  • No scientific evidence or statistics
  • Yes, COD is available
  • Made in China

Let’s review Shakti Men Booster components:

There’s no doubt that Shakti Men Booster is effective. Nevertheless, let’s review its ingredients to give you a clearer idea of how does it works. We want you to stay informed:


Ashwagandha is a compound of many nutritional microelements. Ashwagandha is associated with sexual drive and erectile functions. Many studies have shown that consuming Ashwagandha-based products increases physical strength and virility. It also greatly improves erectile times since it enhances muscular tissue growth.


Safed Musli is a rare ingredient that contains vital substances. Researches show that men often lack in those substances, which weakens their sexual performance. Safed Musli improves your overall health level, virility, blood circulation and blood vessel creation.


Ajwain is a popular ingredient among bodybuilders and athletes. It has more than 10 health benefits for your body. But mainly, it improves your body levels of nitric oxide and improves blood circulation. This contributes to a better tissue oxygenation.


Garlic contains microelements that are essential for muscle regeneration. It also enhances your overall body vitality. Combines with Ajwain, garlic proved to greatly boost sexual performance and erectile qualities.

How does the Shakti Men Booster works

Although healthy, the mentioned ingredients improve sexual performance only when combined together. That combination creates a synergy effect that brings those great results you are looking for.

Your body absorbs those nutrients instantly.

While those products are healthy, they only lead to penis growth when consumed regularly. Besides penis enlargement, they enhance your sexual drive and stamina.

If somehow you’re not satisfied with the delivered product, we can replace it by a brand new one.

You can rest assured that we use only top-tier components...

Truth is: Shakti Men Booster is 100% working, safe and effective solution..

Statistic Results:

Shakti Men Booster was thoroughly tested in laboratories. Nevertheless, the company keeps monitoring the results even after the product was launched. More than 250 volunteers were tracked and their progress was analyzed.

Length Growth

The first four weeks delivered an average growth of 0.397 inches. The next four weeks’ growth averaged to 0.787 inches. As a result, past the first 12 weeks, volunteers reported an average penis length increase in 1.574 inches.

Width is Affected Too

The first 4 weeks, width growth was reported with an average of 0.393 inches.

The smaller is the penis the more effective the product is.
The most fantastic growth was reported in men with a penis length of 6.3 inches or less.
On the other hand, penises longer than 7.48 inch proved to expand slower.